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Ask anyone who knows us, and they'll tell you similar things....passionate, dedicated, strategic, takes action, gets the job done, delivers results, says it like it is. Great descriptors - they work for us and they're why we've built a company delivering and driving solutions for clients. We've bottled those competencies and bundled them into services that help our clients to create or unlock value.

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Allan Evans

Founder & CEO

An accomplished business builder, Allan has achieved outstanding results across growth, turnaround and change assignments with start ups, small & large businesses, multi nationals and ASX listed companies. He has made a career of finding the right solutions for his businesses and customers.

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Our values are simple, and guide how we operate. Our values reflect in us, and our work. We enjoy working with like minded clients, who share our values - or at least most of them!

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No B.S. We value honesty, transparency, integrity. We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We don't confuse a spade with a shovel.

No idiots. We don't have them, and we don't like to work with them. Good zones are idiot free zones. Let's not deprive a village of their special someone.

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Keep it simple. Plenty of things are complicated already - we don't like to add to the pile. Simple is good. Simple is smart and efficient. Remember the shovel.

Strive for better. Progress comes from improvement, and that comes from the desire to develop and evolve combined with practice and hard work.

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Have fun. Smile. Help others to do the same. We can be serious without wearing serious faces, and do serious things without a serious attitude.



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