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Brunswick Mews on Darby

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

The Solution Engine client work

Five star ultra-luxe, sophisticated boutique B&B with a delightful touch of quirky in Newcastle, NSW

From its inception, Brunswick Mews was going to be special. Ultra-luxe, sophisticated, elegant and glamorous was the brand and property aspiration. However these were more than labels - they were the deliverables to every guest.

The Solution Engine was there from the start, helping owner Julie Kosy to define the proposition, brand, deliverables and to execute these in a way that ensured that every prospective and actual guest consistently received the brand according to the extent of their consumer journey.

1. BRAND & LOGO The renowned mural painted to the side of Brunswick Mews by local artist Mitch Revs was the inspiration for the brand. The shadowed tree was synonymous with the property, so we matched it with an appropriate typographic style and selective use of gold to reinforce luxury and sophistication brought the brand together simply, and cleanly.

Brunswick Mews logo


We designed, published and manage a website for Brunswick Mews which was light, bright and allowed the magnificent photography showcasing the property to feature most. We also ensured that although listed on Airbnb, Stayz and, a direct channel for guests to book where Brunswick Mews controlled the terms, price and tone of voice was delivered. The Solution Engine produced a beautiful website which has become the central point around which all marketing activities rotate, and is regularly copied by other B&B's all over Australia.


The goal is for every guest to be surprised and delighted with the property, and their stay. Delivering on the expectation and perception created when they booked is critical, but the goal was to go further: to surprise the guest with more via unexpected touches that either reinforced their experiences of the brand to date, or took things to a whole new level.

We designed the Brunswick Mews house manual as a magazine, with high production value, stunning photography and images and copy in a tone of voice that is on brand and consistent across all media platforms. Guests are engaged and absorb the information, which includes guides, recommendations and information to enhance their stay.

We also helped Brunswick Mews with solutions to meet food handling and council regulations for food provision. In line with the brand values, Brunswick Mews wanted to provide premium food products but be mindful of wastage, hygiene and regulatory compliance. Our solution was to create bespoke packaging and nutritional information so that guests were informed about nutritional information and ingredients, whilst being assured that food handling was appropriate and no tampering or contamination had occurred.


We engineer and execute marketing promotions to achieve multiple objectives: driving sales or brand awareness in the local market. Identifying channels and partners including Land Rover Australia amongst others, has been an important part of the success of these.


With the marketing world moving to video to stand out from the crowd, our solution for Brunswick Mews is to provide a suite of themed promotional videos, versioned for use across social media platform formats including stories and posts and including email, web and booking platforms.

The promotional videos that we produce at The Solution Engine allows Brunswick Mews to to segment their audience and serve specific videos to specific audiences, ensuring relevance and appeal to the target audience and for precision marketing to reach desired markets.


It's important to Brunswick Mews that their SEO performance and online presence delivers the best possible results, and reaches the widest audience available to maximise that channel. The Solution Engine has executed a strong Blog strategy, delivering articles to magnify the the Brunswick Mews web presence and to engage with prospective and booked guests, and maintain relationships with guests after their first stay.

7. SOCIAL MEDIA The Solution Engine manages the Brunswick Mews social media strategy across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We use a methodic, programmatic and strategic approach to engage with followers, executing a content strategy which informs, engages, communicates and sells. Our strategy places the Brunswick Mews website at the centre, drawing the audience back to the website at all times to ensure consistent exposure to the Brunswick Mews brands' tone of voice and content. We use multiple media types for message content, with liberal use of video, especially in Instagram and Facebook stories to engage with followers and keep their attention.

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